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N Male Fast Crimp Connector for LMR400

N Male Fast Crimp Connector for LMR400

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SKU: n-mae-ez-crimp-connector-for-lmr400-1

N male Fast crimp fast connector, solderless, Teflon insulated, gold pin, tri-metal alloy plated body, knurled. For Belden 9913, LMR400, CNT400, WBC-400 cables.

This Connector series is designed specifically for the purpose of making Fast, high quality, low loss connections when working with LMR type cable.

These Connectors make your job easy and fast. There is no need to waste time crimping or soldering a pin, all you need to do is snap the pin in, push your cable in and crimp the ferrule. You can also use optional heat shrink tubing to further protect your connection.

They are made with the highest grade materials and held to the highest quality standards. The bodies are silver plated and high quality teflon surrounds the pin insulating your signal against loss, the pin itself is gold plated to ensure a solid and consistent connection.