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400 Series Equal LMR400 500ft

400 Series Equal LMR400 500ft

SKU: low-loss-400-series-double-shielded-coaxial-cable

High-performance 400 series coaxial cable that features a durable UV-Resistant PE jacket and low insertion loss. This high-performance 50 Ohm cable features similar quality construction and electrical performance to Times Microwave LMR®-400 and Commscope CNT®-400.

Industry standard 400-series connectors. NCS stocks a wide variety of crimp, clamp and solderless connectors. We also stock a number of off-the-shelf cable assemblies. Custom series assemblies are available with quick turnaround.

Available on 500 foot and 1000 foot reels as well as by the foot.

LMR® is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems. CommScope®, CNT® are trademarks or registered trademarks of CommScope, Inc.

Features:Drop-in Replacement for Times Microwave LMR®-400, Commscope CNT®-400, RG-8U, RG213 & 9913 Air-Dielectric Cables
Fits Standard 400-Series Connectors
Low Loss & High Performance
Durable PE Jacket
50 Ohms

Applications:WiFi, WLL, WLAN, WiMax
LMR Land Mobile Radio
GPS and SCADA Systems
Indoor / Outdoor
Antenna Feeds
HAM Radio & CB Radio
50 Ohm Cell Phone Boosters and Amplifiers